Confidence… thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.

Achieve piece of mind with SGS Security

Take care of your team and in turn they will take care of your clients.

  • Highest Trained Civilian Guards in ASEAN
  • Best Compensated Guards in Thailand
  • Background Checks, Annual Health Exam & Random Drug Testing
  • Profit-share program for Event & Close Protection Teams

Security in Thailand

There are over 3,000 registered security companies in Thailand and an estimated 2,000 unregistered companies. A majority of the legitimate companies are small family-owned companies providing physical security (guards) for condominiums. Among the unregistered companies are a majority of the fly-by-night actors whom frequently tarnish the industries reputation.

When choosing a security provider in Thailand be sure to verify their Security Company License, Individual Guard Licenses and Insurance Policy.

Physical Security

Close Protection

Event Security

Armed Guards for Close Protection & Physical Security

SGS Armed Guards on the set. SGS provides filming support services for set security and Close Protection for the stars of the show.

Security Services

Security Guards

SGS is well-known Nationally, especially in Southern Thailand for our presence as the elite provider of Physical Security Services, with 300+ Vetted and Certified Guards on over fifty 5-Star Resorts, Marinas, Estates, Villas and Businesses.

Event Security

SGS Security provides 50-80 trained, certified and uniformed guards for events. SGS is the trusted service partner for local Marathons, Triathlons and Concerts handling up to 15,000 patrons. Event Security for Weddings and MICE.

Close Protection

Male & Female CPO’s are available with varied professional background from Senior Military & INTERPOL Officers, Special Forces Operatives and Martial Arts Instructors, all with a minimum of 10-years experience.

Security Consulting

SGS has been tasked with some of the most sensitive investigations of the past decade. Our Agents are skilled investigators able to provide detailed reports for Due Diligence, Fraud, Counterfeit and Larceny cases.

frequently asked questions

Does SGS provide drug testing?

SGS is Phuket’s largest private-sector source for urinalysis. SGS routinely provides services to hotels and resorts with over 10,000 tests given to date.

Does SGS provide consultation for Security System Design?

SGS has been tasked with designing Electronic Security systems including; CCTV, Alarms, Motion Detection, Lighting, Backup Power and Fire Suppression for Resorts, Villas and Businesses in Thailand.

Does SGS provide full-time Armed Guards?

SGS routinely provides full-time armed guards for Physical Security of private villas. Each guard has firearms licensing and quarterly training updates and range time provided by world-renowned Close Quarters Battle (CQB) instructors based in Thailand.

Does SGS provide Security for private parties?

Just within the last two years, SGS Has been trusted with two of the most elite parties in Thai history. These members-only events were a who’s who of global HNWI figures and families. SGS was tasked with Perimeter Security, Counter Surveillance, Close Protection and Emergency Medical Support. SGS has traveled to remote locations in Thailand with our fully equipped teams to provide discreet protection in secluded locations.

Does SGS provide Ground Support for visiting security details?

SGS Security provides Local Experts, Linguists, Western & Local English speaking Close Protection Agents, both armed & Unarmed, Force Protection of up to 30 Guards, Police Motorcades, Outriders and Chauffeurs of luxury & armored vehicles for visiting clientele. SGS has a strong footprint in Bangkok and Phuket, with strategic partners in all provinces comprised of Royal Thai Army and / or Royal Thai Police.

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